Privacy Policy

The administrators, editors and content creators at CutyPie take every case possible to secure the permissions from an original copyright holder of the displayed pictures. Most pictures that are being displayed on websites around the Internet are shared across many websites, and there are no copyright laws in place to protect those images. With that being said, if there is an image that we think may be copyright, we will get in contact with you before we use it on our site.

CutyPie can also receive tips and pictures from anonymous sources online through the mail, and in those cases, learning if an image has copyright or not can be difficult. If you notice an image that you believe belongs to you and you do not want to being shown on our domain, then you can get in contact with us from our contact page. The website owner receives all messages, and action will be taken to remove the image as per your request if we agree that the image does belong to you and you have shown us sufficient evidence of that being the case.

Information Gathering

There is some information that CutyPie collects to help improve the website user experience and to help create a more successful website. For example, we connect Google Analytics to the website—A Google service for assessing where we are getting traffic from, what keywords are being used in Google and other relevant information that has an impact on how our website is performing.

CutyPie also uses Google Analytics for display advertising. It is possible for you to opt out of this by using the Google Ad settings.

Along with the display adverting, we also use cookies. A web cookie and web beacon are different than the cookie that you would eat. The cookie that is found on our site is put there by Google to help them find more relevant ads; they do this by checking out keywords they think you might be interested in. Some people consider cookies to be a privacy concern, and as such, Google has a way for people to opt out of cookies if they wish. The cookies can also be controlled by the web browser that you are using if you wanted to disable all cookies. In reality, cookies are not a big deal because there is not a real person sitting there analyzing your keyword; it is all done by machine instead, and the machines couldn’t care less what you are browsing for online, it’s the only job is to try to match the word with some relevant advertisements that it might be able to show.

If you are interested in learning more about Google’s cookies that help display relevant ads, you can check out the article on how Google uses cookies